We’re experts at every imaginable touchpoint for your brand from initial brand creation including naming and ID design to website development and the thriving world of social media. Our all-inclusive, turn-key services allow you to keep your brand's or company's voice and messaging consistent across all of your marketing communications and Whoville makes it easy for you to manage all of your out-sourced marketing in one place.



At the beginning of every story whether it be, "Once upon a time..." or "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,..." it is the time to strategically draft the course for your brand's or company's marketing initiatives. Like all great marketing stories, this roadmap will have a starting point where exploration of the market landscape and target demographic lead to strategic planning and the development of cost-effective and results-oriented tactics and assets to reach the goals of the initiative. Every twist in the plot is foreseen and carefully mapped out and every chapter begins and ends according to the plan. There are no surprise endings. 

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Nothing gets us more excited than bringing a brand to life! The first step we take is to make sure the market positioning of your company or brand is aligned with your business objectives, your targeted client group and the opportunities in the competitive landscape. With the right market positioning in-hand we can craft the brand voice and messages visually, literally and digitally that will best complement the positioning and speak directly to your target audience. We also offer our proprietary naming exercise to make sure your company, brand or program name is in 100% harmony with the positioning and is also appealing, informative and memorable. From here we move on to creating all of the assets that will go into your brand's marketing toolbox including the portfolio of deliverables listed on this page.   

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The single most important touchpoint for your brand is its identity and logo. Our creative design process works cohesively with your brand positioning making sure that the finished product of our "no stone unturned" approach to ID creation results in a logo and brand design language that echoes the values and attributes assigned in the brand development phase and "WOWS!" your target audience. As part of our identity design service we also provide a design style guide that clearly dictates every possible execution of the brand design from imagery to font usage to material specifications. This brand bible is your go-to resource for ensuring consistently across every possible brand touchpoint leading to faster recognition and loyalty.   



Business communications and collateral are where your brand messaging rubber hits the road, or better said, ink hits the paper. There is no doubt that the marketing and advertising world is going digital. However, the tangible, powerful influence that a physical printed piece has when a potential client or customer takes it home (effectively taking your brand story out of the confining context of your world and into their own personal space) is a win...a really big win! Whether it's a catalogue, capabilities brochure, annual report or a simple sell sheet, we make sure that it perfectly complements other digital communications used by your brand, but we also treat it as if it is the only marketing arrow in your brand quiver. And we do it all: design, layout, copywriting, art direction and managing every aspect of production from conception to when the printed piece is delivered to your desk.



Over 88% of the people in North America are on the web (320+ Million). Unless you've been living in a cave on Mount Crumpet the importance of a powerful website is not lost on you. But, what might not be as widely known is the importance of fresh content to achieve and sustain great SEO for your site. The web is a dynamic, evolving medium where those that take a "set it and forget it" approach are quickly passed by those companies and brands that embrace a model that keeps their website fresh and at the top of Google searches. In Whoville we create dynamic WordPress websites, with built-in SEO analytics and work with you to plan and execute a comprehensive calendar of regular and compelling refreshes that drive better search engine rankings and lower bounce rates. Best yet, we build affordable websites that you can change on the fly as updates and new opportunities present themselves to your brand and/or company.



Over 85% of North Americans use social media. Well over 85% of those on social media between the ages of 18 and 54 years old are likely to follow a brand's social media. Whoa! Those numbers are staggering difference makers in your brand's or company's marketing strategy. In Whoville we develop a comprehensive and cohesive content marketing plan across all relevant social media platforms that align with your customers or clients. We then execute engaging and effective content that drives engagement and click-throughs. We can work with your in-house social media team or independently with regular analysis and reporting on the plan's effectiveness in your market space and customer profile. The importance of a powerful social media presence is vital - Whoville will help your brand or company connect with your clients and customers in an essential and more meaningful way that will lead to substantially greater brand loyalty.

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The statistics that show the importance of using video to tell your brand or company story are powerful and irrefutable. Embedded video in your website can increase traffic by up to 55% and increase organic traffic from search engine results pages (i.e. Google search) by 157%. Social media video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Hmmm. Your brand needs a great video. Whoville is the place to go to develop engaging video content that differentiates your brand or company from your competitors. As the saying goes, "It takes a village." In Whoville we develop the content direction, script and production style that aligns with the message for your brand and manage the entire video production process from concept to upload. We match the right production house with your brand's vision, the video technique specialty (i.e. Drone Video) and company's budget. The end result is an affordable visual story that will appeal to and be shared by your target audience, turning them into not just customers, but loyal brand activists.  

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Less than 3 seconds. That's how long your product has to make an impression and influence the purchase decision of a customer in a retail aisle. Whoville specializes in making that happen. We have a long history of launching entrepreneurial brands with the latest "big idea" and helping Fortune 500 companies navigate best practices in today's hectic and highly competitive retail environments. From creating experiential boutique presentations to vastly improving your brand's chances of setting at global big box stores to optimizing sell-through for your products on Amazon and the fast-growing .com retail world, we develop a retail strategy and compelling creative solutions that align with the wants and needs of your target customer.

Our retail design process starts with brand/product positioning to make sure that the visual and verbal messaging for your product and brand exploits the opportunities in the competitive landscape and retail channel. From there we create a cost-effective package design system with the right message hierarchy and visual impact to positively influence the consumer's purchase journey whether it be in a brick & mortar or on-line environment.

We here in Whoville know what it takes to win in today's retail world. One of the specialized and unique services that we've honed over years of retail success is crafting a retail presentation that tells your story in the way that makes a retail buyer's head nod. Our batting average for landing products in North America's biggest and best retailers is 1.000. We've never lost and we will win for your brand too.  

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Conventional wisdom claims that a successful public relations campaign comes down to "who you know, not what you know." But, that is only partially true. Grabbing the attention of the right influencer for your product's or brand's target audience is always dependent on great story-telling. In Whoville we start each public relations initiative with a strategy that aligns with the goals of your company or brand. We then tell your company or brand story through a series of impactful communications loaded with compelling content that will influence the influencers. Here in Whoville the days of boring and bland press releases are long gone. The stories we tell for your brand or company turn "blah" into "BLAM!" and "whoa" into "WOW!". We turn heads and turn influencers into evangelists for your company or brand.

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On the front lines of every successful marketing initiative that we develop is a blend of advertising mediums that tell your brand's story in complementary ways. Here in Whoville, we don't just buy billboard space willy-nilly or air radio spots on the fly. We develop and follow a media plan that perfectly aligns with your company's or brand's strategic goals. We match market positioning and target demographics to impression rates and prudent budget management. We then create unique and impactful messaging that grabs the attention of your target audience and sets your product or brand apart from the competitive noise. Whether it be web or magazine/newspaper ads, bus stops and billboards or radio and TV our creative approach will push the envelope to drive awareness and, ultimately, sales for your company, brand or service.

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